Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Professional Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Frequent flooding, severe cracks that seem to be getting worse, bulging walls and heavy floors are not do-it-yourself projects; they call for the services of a waterproofing professional. Select a basement waterproofer as would any other contractor: Get written estimates, check references, ask about the method used. Many contractors offer long-term warranties for the work they do; that is important protection for you, even if it is initially more expensive for you. Professional waterproofing systems differ, but most include at least one of the following approaches.

Interior Drain Fields
An interior drain field works in much the same way as the channeling system, except it runs under the floor. The installer excavates around the basement slabs perimeter, drills weep holes at the base of the walls, then lays perforated drain pipe in a bed of gravel. The result is a drain field like the one outside the footing. The pipe channels water to either a storm sewer or a sump pump. Although more costly than a channeling system, an interior drain field can handle far more water, an important consideration if your basement suffers from a high water table, a clogged exterior drain field or heavy seepage.

Sump Pumps
If a spring or high water table is forcing water up below the slab, a contractor may recommend installing a sump pump. A sump is a pit that collects underground or runoff water. As the pit fills, a float activates the motor of a pump in the pit. A one-way check valve ensures that the water from outside won't back up the sump.


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